Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Music.

I've been hearing a lot of Kevin Devine on The Current lately and I'm really enjoying his song called "I Could Be with Anyone"
Apparently he is good friends of Brand New singer Jesse Lacey, which is another band that I started listening to lately. Brand New is a emo-ish band and they go on the Warped Tour, most bands that go on that tour i don't care for but Brand New has some okay songs.

Conor Oberst has a new album out, it's pretty great. Almost half of the songs are written by people in his Mystic Valley Band but even those are great. This is certainly one of the best 2009 releases so far. Highlights include Nikorette, Air Mattress and Bloodline.

Recently a friend burned me an album by a band called Cursive. He gave me their 2003 album called "The Ugly Organ" they are sort of an emo band but never the less an interesting band.They have a cello player and an organ player so most of the songs are pretty interesting. The album closes with a 10 minute epic build up song. My favorite tracks are: Some Red Handed Sleight Of Hand, Art Is Hard and The Recluse. The album is produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes fame.

Matt & Kim are a keyboard and drums duo from Brooklyn. They are sort of a more fun version of Mates Of State with a little more energy. Their new album is entitled "Grand" named after the street they live on in New York. They are plenty of fun, and for sure a great listen for fans of Mates of State and Tokyo Police Club. Their single "Daylight" is currently number 13 on the Alternative iTunes charts and was featured in a Bacardi commercial.

The Gaslight Anthem are a great band out of New Jersey. Their most recent album is entitled "The '59 Sound" and is influenced by 50's a 60's rock n' roll. They were origanally tagged as a a punk band but they sound a lot closer to Bruce Springsteen meets The Clash's London Calling. It's hard to describe their music. They have been on the Warped Tour before but their music differs quite a lot from any of the bands that go on the Warped Tour such as Rise Against and The Alkaline Trio. The title track is one of my favorites from 2008.

In music news Conor Obest, Mike Mogis, M. Ward and Jim James are teaming up to put out an album under the name "Monsters Of Folk" which is sure to be interesting.

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