Saturday, July 25, 2009

Passion Pit mind their Manners with debut full-length

[Frenchkiss, 2009]
Passion Pit started out as a one-man side project of Michael Angelekos. He recorded his debut EP “Chunk Of Change” in his bedroom for his girlfriend making beats and playing hook-filled synth lines. Buzz began to start around the mega catchy song “Sleepyhead.” Then he put together a band and they started touring. “Manners” is their debut full length full of fun, catchy and danceable tunes. It starts off with “Make Light” a bass-driven mid tempo tune that isn’t too catchy or good at all. Then it jumps into a very 80’s sounding “Little Secrets” which features a children’s choir singing the chorus (higher and higher and higher), You’ll probably find yourself singing along. In the first single “The Reeling” Angelakos brings back the choir again which makes the song even more memorable and fun than it is to begin with. “Eyes As Candles” is another memorable tune full of na’s and hey’s (which makes up the chorus) “Swimming In The Flood” is one of the weakest tracks on the album and features a totally out of place hip hop sounding beat. On “To Kingdom Come” we finally hear some guitar even though it is mostly a synth driven tune. The video is a good laugh when it portrays all the band members as 19th century scientists who make an amazing discovery and begin hopping around with excitement. “Sleepyhead” follows and sounds as good as ever. (For those wondering it’s the exact same version as on the EP.) “Let Your Love Grow Tall” is a standard song about love but does not disappoint with the children’s choir singing Let your love grow tall! The album closes with the very average (and not that impressive) “Seaweed Song.” Angelekos’ voice never changes from his normal super-high falsetto which may be why I’m only impressed with 7 of the 11 of Tracks. Overall “Manners” is a nice collection of pop tunes, one of the best in 2009 so far. I can’t wait to hear what they do next with their sophomore release.

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equa2 said...

Nice review! I have listened to this CD and agree. A good effort. This is a band to watch.