Saturday, August 30, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie's Narrow Stairs

1. Bixby Canyon Bridge: 5/5
Great. Almost progressive sounding. The lyrics reference Jack Keroac. The guitars are great, big and loud sounding.

2. I Will Possess Your Heart: 5/5
Great again. These guys can’t write a bad song. The bass is great as well as the drums.

3. No Sunlight: 5/5
Nice, short and to the point. A nice pop/rock tune from Death Cab. Nick's bass is great.

4. Cath…: 5/5
Great again! These guitar parts are amazing. WOW.

5. Taking Bird: 3/5
eh. This one’s sorta boring, the weakest track on the album. In and interview Ben Gibbard said it sounds like Neil Young. Whatever. The tamborine is a bit too much.

6. You Can Do Better Then Me: 4/5
Interesting. The organ is strange. Sounds like a holiday song. The drums are cool. It’s one of the shortest tracks in Death Cab history.

7. Grapevine Fires: 5/5
One of the highlights on the album. Everything fits nicely. The drums are fantastic.

8. Your New Twin-Sized Bed: 5/5
Another fantastic track. The guitar parts go together well. Clever lyrics too.

9. Long Division: 5/5
Another great tune. Nice guitar. One of the only Death Cab songs with a solo.

10. Pity And Fear: 4/5
Very eerie sounding. The drum sample sounds like Indian drums.

11. The Ice Is Getting Thinner: 4/5
Pretty good. The lyrics are great but its really mellow and doesn’t have any drums.

Best Track: Cath…
Favorite: Grapevine Fires
Weakest: Talking Bird
Next Single: dunno. Hmm…
Song for someone new to DCFC besides "I Will Follow You...:" Long Division, Your New Twin-Sized Bed and Grapevine Fires

Death Cab For Cutie is: Ben Gibbard, (vocals, guitar, keys) Chris Walla, (guitar, vocals, keys producer) Nick Harmer, (bass, vocals on I Will Possess... and Jason Mcgerr (drums and percussion)

Album grade: A

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