Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gnarls Barkley's The Odd Couple

1. Charity Case: 5/5
Great opening track. The drums and bass start the song off and it sounds great. Really great tune.

2. Who's Gonna Save My Soul Now: 5/5
Really great as well. The acoustic guitar sounds really great. The drums are crisp sounding, very well produced.

3. Going On: 5/5
Wow! This on is really great. Cee-Lo's vocals are really great as well as the backing vocals. Really catchy.

4. Run (I'm A Natural Disaster): 5/5
Another great tune. This one's pretty fast paced. Yet another catchy tune off "The Odd Couple."

5. Would Be Killer: 4/5
A pretty interesting track. The instruments are a bit strange and there is this backward cymbal throughout the whole song.

6. Open Book: 3/5
Pretty Mediocre. This one has a drum machine in it and Cee-Lo sorta screams throughout all of it. His vocals also have an echo effect on it.

7. Whatever: 5/5
This sounds a lot like 60's pop music. the guitar effects make it sound that way. The whole beat of the song makes it that way too. Cee-Lo's vocals are pretty distorted.

8. Surprise: 5/5
Another 60's sounding track. The handclaps, female backing vocals, and the drum beat make it 60's sounding.

9. No Time Soon: 4/5
The drums on this one are interesting. They are distorted but crisp at the same time. Very different from Gnarls tracks.

10. She Knows: 5/5
Yet another retro sounding track. The handclaps add to it a lot. A really cool song overall.

11. Blind Mary: 5/5
The Beginning of this track sounds like an old jingle for some product in the 60's, which comes back throughout the song. For someone new to Gnarls this is a great example of Cee-Lo's great lyrical song writing.

12. Neighbors: 5/5
This track is really well produced. It sounds really full and big. The drums are great.

13. A Little Better: 5/5
A jazzy and retro sounding song. The bass sounds great. Nice album closer. Also its co-produced by Nigel Godrich.

Best: Who's Gonna Save My Soul
Favorite: Blind Mary
Weakest: Open Book
Next Single: Blind Mary (I hope)
Songs for someone new to Gnarls Barkley besides "Crazy:" A Little Better, She Knows, and Surprise

Gnarls Barley are:
Cee-Lo Green (Vocals)
Danger Mouse (Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Percussion at times and Producer)
(and other various musicians not credited)

Album grade: A

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