Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fleet Foxes Concert

The Fleet Foxes concert on Saturday at The Cedar Cultural Center was really really nice. I went to the early show at 5:30 as...the late show at 9:00 was sold out. I stood in line outside the Cedar for about 10 minutes waiting for something to happen. Something finally did. The doors opened and we walked in. Since my dad and I had ordered tickets ahead of time our tickets were in Will Call. It turned out that they didn't even print our tickets so they stamped our hands. We waited in the 95 degree huge large room for about 15 to 20 minutes until some guy in a pink Hawaiian and pink tinted glasses came out and told the sweaty crowd about The Cedar and about how if us "Hipsters" went on the "The international network of computers" and went on "the world wide web" we could find the Cedar's website and we could see the calendar of concerts there. For those "Unhipsters" there was a printed newsletter that could be delivered to your door step.
Soon afterward the opening act came on. His name was "Frank Fairfield" and he played Woody Guthrie-influenced folk and blues music on the Ukulele, Fiddle, and Guitar. (Not all at once though) He came on to do about 7 or 8 songs and then left. He had a really interesting Woody Guthrie-esque voice and didn't talk to the audience except for introducing the songs. It was hard to tell if his songs were covers or not. But he was really good.
Fleet Foxes proceed Frank in 15 minutes after he was done. They started off by talking a bit to the audience and then started right in to their first track on their self-titled album "Sun It Rises" which is a track I am not very familiar with. They continued to play through playing some of my favorites such as "White Winter Hymnal", "Ragged Wood" while in between making jokes about Sarah Palin's debate comments about John McCain as a 'Maverick' Of course that was funny and they continued that theme with everything they talked about throughout the whole concert, also Robin the lead singer continued to mention that it it was 1 hundred and 50 degrees in the room. The band took a break and left the frontman Robin to play solo for his song "Oliver James" and then rejoined them to continue their 2 hour set. They continued to play some of their more popular songs such as 'He Doesn't Know Why" and "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" They finished around 5:05 and then came back on for a 3 to 5 song encore. They finished around 7:35 finishing with "Blue Ridge Mountains" and rather well-known song by the Cedar crowd.
Overall a great concert. You can find videos of the concert at: www.youtube.com/Billthemiddleagedcat

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