Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Album Of 2009: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I lied, i do have a number one album of the year, it's called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and its by a little French band called Phoenix. Perhaps you've heard of them.
Before 2009 I'd never heard of Phoenix before in my life but they have released 3 albums previous to this one. Here are the 10 reasons why this album is my favorite:
1. Lizstomania
This is no doubt the catchiest song of the year. The lyrics make no sense whatsoever but its still great. Before buying the album I was singing most of the words all wrong. Thomas Mars vocals are a bit hard to understand.
2. 1901
This one is right behind as the second catchiest song of the year. I love fuzzy keys. They pulled this one off really well live on Jimmy Kimmel.
3. Fences
These are just all catchy tracks huh? This one takes you back to the 80's a bit and is slower than the first 2 album tracks. I'm confused as to the meaning of the song. what does "Fences in a row" supposed to mean?
4. Love Like A Sunset Part I
This is probably the most ignored song on the album for those who don't enjoy instrumentals. This one sounds like they ripped off Foals. Especially with the guitar tone. It's still nice. If you haven't given this one a listen, do its really great.
5. Love Like A Sunset Part II
After the longest song on the album comes the shortest. This one is just beautiful. It's pretty easy to understand the meaning unlike most songs on the album.
6. Lasso
The best bass line of 2008 was in Vampire Weekend's "Campus." This year Lasso has a great one. Check it out.
7. Rome
This one has some elements of Foals in the guitar as well. It's more poppy than any of Foals' stuff though
8. Countdown
It took me sometime to get into this one. I like the line "True, true and everlasting love, that's what you want."
9. Girlfriend
This one is my favorite from the album. Mostly because it's fun to play drums too. It's also a break up song thats really happy sounding, which is nice for a change.
10. Armistice
This one is the darkest sounding song on the album. It's still great.
This album is solid from track 1 to 10. I've never heard any of the earlier stuff from Phoenix but it might be interesting to check out. I can't wait to see what the do next. Do yourself a favor and buy this album. It's awesome.

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