Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The top albums of 2009, sort of.

For anyone who has tried to compile a list of their favorite albums of a certain year when so much great music has been made, you may find it to be one of the most difficult jobs in the world. I can't seem to pick a certain album to be number 1 or even a top 10 list so here are my favorite albums of the year in no particular order along with my favorite songs from each album:

P.O.S./Never Better/"Savion Glover"
The best rapper in the Twin Cites no doubt. My favorite rapper ever. This album is so creative and fun.

Death Cab For Cutie/The Open Door E.P/"My Mirror Speaks"
Death Cab never disappoints. A solid 5 song E.P before the next album comes out is very much needed.

Passion Pit/Manners/"Little Secrets"
This is one great album. I have had different thoughts than when I first reviewed this. Little Secrets is fun to blast really loud.

Animal Collective/Merriweather Post Pavillion/"Brother Sport"
I was a little hesitant about this album at first. Brother Sport is such an amazing song though. I'm new to AC but I love this.

Julian Casablancas/Phrazes For The Young/"Glass"
Actually, I was suprised that i even liked this. It's so different than the Strokes stuff. Its so fun to listen to. So catchy.

No Age/Losing Feeling E.P/"Genie"
I really enjoyed this short little E.P from No Age. Its a bit different from Nouns. Regardless, it's great.

Brand New/Daisy/"You Stole"
BN continues to get stranger and stranger as the years go on and the albums come. This one is pretty hardcore and raw.

Japandroids/Post-Nothing/"Young Hearts Spark Fire"
These guys are the most underrated drums and guitar band. Their music is so fun to listen and rock out to.

HEALTH/Get Color/"Die Slow"
A late favorite for me. I bought this album on a suggestion from Gareth Campesinos! Strange music but dancy and fun!

Mastodon/Crack The Skye/"The Last Baron"
This changed my mind about metal music. Every track blows my mind. These guys really make something special.

Dirty Projectors/Bitte Orca/"Stillness Is The Move"
This band/album/song never gets old. The girls' voices are beautiful and Dave's guitar playing is simply amazing.

The Bad Plus/For All I Care/"Barracuda"
What can I say? Adding Wendy Lewis for this album makes them even better. Amazing music.

The Dodos/Time To Die/"Fables"
Two person music has never ever been this good. Vibraphones rock.

Grizzly Bear/Veckatimist/"Two Weeks"
just give it a listen and read my review. GREAT

Wavves/Wavvves/"No Hope Kids"
I never get tired of distorted pop songs. Do you?

-Eliot Larson, December 29, 2009


Leo Kendrick said...

Hey!!! Eliot...nice choice for Losing Feeling. Genie's the best song.

Audrey said...

Great list! You didn't include any Caroline smith though, and no dodos either... But your selections were varied and good either way.

Audrey said...

Oops I just didn't see the dodos, perfect list!!!